Sky Imaginings | About
Sky Imaginings encourages you to look up and see what may otherwise have been passed by. On this journey, I find myself viewing the world from a totally new perspective, finding inspiration everywhere, getting up early to see if today's sunrise is new and different, wanting to stop along the road to share this view with all. The wind takes my breathe away. The lonely tree in my backyard has been captured in all seasons. (This tree will represent me for now. Update: half of the tree was blown down by the wonder of the wind last week.)

People: Seeing a teardrop on a child, hearing laughter in the least likely people give hope to my vision. Folks call me Mamarrazzi, and smile. They don't mind. Appreciation of the softness of those smiles and the tenderness of the touch of a child helps focus on showing you what I see. I enjoy relaxed, casual settings and hope that fits your style and vision.

Things: Product photography is a natural for me since I have such curiosity for how products are created, how they work and in the art of packaging.

Art: From products to the artfulness of objects is a natural transition. Look, then look closer. Step back, what do you see from over here?

I hope the images on this website bring you smiles and laughter and tears. Contact me to create an image of or for you.

Thank you for visiting,
Susan Reich