Sky Imaginings: Blog en-us (C) Sky Imaginings (Sky Imaginings) Mon, 03 Sep 2012 15:19:00 GMT Mon, 03 Sep 2012 15:19:00 GMT Sky Imaginings: Blog 80 120 Circadian Cicada Sunrise Since retiring about a month ago, my circadian rhythms have gradually moved to early mornings, naps, and late nights.  I've always advocated midday naps as a way to acknowlege circadian rhythms, those swings in body needs throughout the day, even imagining the invention of a pull-out cot built into my desk.   One recent morning, after letting the dog out, I headed to the kitchen sink, stopping in my tracks when this dark spot appeared in the corner of my eye.

GrasshopperGrasshopper Morn-55

OMG! What is that?  On closer examination, it looked like a huge bug.

Grasshopper Morn-55


Aha! Is it a cicada, a locust, is a plague of locusts upon us?

Just a grasshopper, I suppose.  Now what?


Just the day before, my daughter(s) and I were discussing who kills the spiders in a relationship?  I had to tell them their father wouldn't move for spiders.  Yes, I was the exterminator in our relationship, only to find out that they were also the exterminators in theirs.  The culprit wasn't moving either.  No fly swatter and did I really want to kill the thing? Maybe the swimming pool skimmer would help get him off the curtain and into a bowl.SkimmerGrasshopper Morn-56


It took several tries but at last, the guy was captive in the bowl and transported to the back porch.

GrasshopperGrasshopper Morn-60

Actually, quite interesting looking, through the lens and larger.

Still not moving unless provoked, so after some study, I nudged him onto the grass which has been newly rejuvented from last week's rain.  He would have been camouflaged quite well in that parched earth environment.  Luckily, my photoshoot concept "Parched Earth" was obliterated by said rain.

Grasshopper in grassGrasshopper Morn-68







Somewhere between porch and grass, I looked up to see the Circadian Cicada Sunrise. 

Sunrise in cloudsGrasshopper Morn-99


An OMG moment.



Grasshopper Morn-102 And as I returned to my now cicada safe environment, a few more OMG moments.

Sunrise through curtainsGrasshopper Morn-77 Lamp shadow at sunriseGrasshopper Morn-109

Shadow and lampGrasshopper Morn-113




And if you really need to see where the shadow originated:




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Heather and the Bees  

Opening the front door to take out the recycling this morning, the heather bush I had plans to pull out, looked like this:

Flowers, heatherHeather and Bees-36 Ok, Heather, or whatever name you may call yourself.  And then, shining in the sun, I saw them, the heather groupies:

Heather and Bees-13

They were all over but the don't look like the honey bees of my youth.  What kind are they?  Heather and Bees-26-2

Are they radiation bees from Japan or killer bees from Mexico or teenage mutant bees after the 'squito spraying?  And where are they hiving? 

Heather and Bees-20-2

Harlow thinks they're pretty.  Yes, they are.  Pretty things can be dangerous.  Do not touch.

Heather and Bees-62


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